Sotto le stelle del cinema / Il Cinema Ritrovato: how to book your place – FAQ


How to book

On this page you will find all the information necessary to book a place in Piazza Maggiore or Lunetta Gamberini for Sotto le stelle del cinema and Il Cinema Ritrovato.

How do I book a free place in Piazza Maggiore or LunettArena?

By selecting the screening you wish to attend on the Clappit web site and clicking on the relevant “Tickets” button or by visiting the Bologna Welcome (Voltone del Podestà) between the following times: Mon-Sat 9-18.30 / Sun and public holidays 10-16.30.


According to current regulations, the maximum occupancy of LunettArena is 750 people. Once this number has been reached, regardless of the availability of other seats in the stalls, the system will automatically prevent any further bookings.


When we approach maximum occupancy in Piazza Maggiore the system may become temporarily inconsistent: for example, stating that tickets are available but once the user reaches the map, not allowing them to book a place. This can be due to a variety of factors: the presence of multiple users trying to book tickets at the same time, or cancellations which have made additional places available. The system will quickly stabilise, declaring the show to be sold out.

We remind you there is a queue for Last Minute tickets in both Piazza Maggiore and LunettArena which you can join prior to the screening (from 21.15) without having booked to check if there are still seats available.

When can I book?

From 17 June for screenings between 21 and 24 June and then, every day from 12 for the following seven days, up until 17.00 on the evening of the screening.

* For example, bookings for a film screened on 27 June will be available from 20 June up until 17.00 on 27 June, as long as space remains.*

How many tickets can I book?

Between 1 and 4, for every evening, until all seats have been booked. Every ticket corresponds to a numbered seat in Piazza Maggiore or in LunettArena. The tickets will indicate entrance, row and seat number. In the interests of public health regulations, you will not be allowed to move from the assigned seat.

What time can I arrive?

Doors will open at 20.40. You must arrive at the correct entrance, as indicated on your ticket, NO LATER THAN 21.15. After that time your ticket will no longer be valid and you will have to go to the Last Minute entrance (to the left of the screen, when facing the screen). To access the screening either print out the ticket you received by mail or display it on your smartphone at the entrance. You must keep your ticket for the entire duration of the show.

Can you enter without having booked?

Entrance is normally reserved for those who have booked. If there are still free seats before the screening begins then you will be allowed to enter, until all available seats are occupied, by presenting the appropriate form at the Last Minute entrance.

Can you cancel a booking?

If you have booked a ticket you can no longer use, we would kindly ask you to cancel the booking (you can do so at any time by clicking here).

36 hours before the screening you will receive an email with a link to cancel your booking if you should wish.

You can also cancel a booking in person at the Bologna Welcome desk (Mon-Sat 9-18.30 / Sun and public holidays 10-16.30).

You can cancel at any time until 11 on the day after you receive the email offering you the possibility of cancelling your booking.

What happens if I don’t turn up?

Only book for the evenings you are sure you will be present. Every day the system checks which tickets have been used and, if you fail to show up 3 times, you will be blocked from using the system. At that point all the remaining bookings in your name will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to book seats for the remainder of the festival. For this reason, we kindly ask you to cancel any bookings which you are unable to make.

And if it rains?

If it rains, screenings will be moved indoors or cancelled. Further information is available on Tickets will be valid until all seats available under current regulations for indoor events have been exhausted.

How to book Il Cinema Ritrovato festival events

During the week of 20-27 July, Piazza Maggiore and LunettArena will host a series of events for Il Cinema Ritrovato / Sotto le stelle del cinema. 

The booking system for both Piazza Maggiore and LunettArena remains as described on this page (through Clappit). 

To book for daytime screenings and events during Il Cinema Ritrovato, as well as evening events in locations other than Piazza Maggiore and LunettArena, visit the festival website (bookings available from the afternoon Friday 2 July). 

Important information

By turning up to the entrance, the spectator declares not to have any Covid-19 symptoms, not to have a body temperature above 37.5° and to not have a cough or respiratory problems. It is forbidden to bring glasses or bottles into screenings.


In the interests of public health regulations, you will not be allowed to move from your assigned seat. You should wear a correctly positioned mask when entering and leaving the auditorium and making your way to or from your assigned seats.


Disabled customers with wheelchairs and their chaperones do not need to book their place either online or in-person at Bologna Welcome but can simply turn up to the entrance of Piazza Maggiore or LunettArena. Dedicated spaces are reserved for them (until all places have been taken) to which our staff will accompany them.


You can attend screenings with your dog. Owners are responsible for their pet’s behaviour.


The Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna informs customers that these are public events and photographs will be taken during the film screenings which could include faces. The photographs may be displayed on the Cineteca’s website and social media accounts and used for institutional, but not commercial, purposes. We direct you to the specific notice for information pertaining to art.13 of the GDPR as well as for the relevant cancellation form.

You can request that your photo be removed from: